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Grilled Cheeserie Melts Your Face Off

13 Mar The Grilled Cheeserie, Nashville food truck

In the past year or so, Nashville’s food truck population has increased significantly. There’s Mas Tacos Por Favor, Pizza Buds, the plethora of taco trucks on Gallatin and Nolensville roads and, as of late last year, we can add The Grilled Cheeserie to the mix.

Every Saturday, the grilled cheese truck parks next to the Green Wagon near Five Points in East Nashville. During the week, you’ll find them in Berry Hill, 12South and other highly trafficked spots around Nashville. Unfortunately, they haven’t ventured as far south as Cool Springs yet, though I bet they could make a killing in our office park. But I digress.

Grilled Cheeserie food truck in East Nashville

Now, as much as I love grilled cheese sandwiches, they don’t exactly fall into the category of “brunch.” However, I was happy to discover that they do have a breakfast sandwich among their offerings of specialty melts, and since we walked over there around noon yesterday, I decided to give it a try.

Breakfast Sandwich at Grilled Cheeserie

The Breakfast, as it’s called on the menu, features a fried “farm egg,” smoked cheddar, Tabasco aioli and “local bacon” on Silke’s country white bread. The egg was a little runny in the middle, which is how I like it (though a napkin would have been nice). The bacon was thick-cut so the sandwich was rather hearty – as it should be if I’m paying $7 for a grilled cheese. The tabasco aioli took the sandwich from good to great, worthy of comparison to the Big Don.

Breakfast Sandwich at Grilled Cheeserie

I was focusing more on stuffing my face than taking photos.

Ty opted for the make-your-own sandwich, and he ordered Colby Jack with tomatoes and pickles on sourdough. Other add-ons range from avocado to salami to gruyere. His grilled cheese was merely okay, so I definitely recommend going with one of their pre-determined specialties, which also include the Caliente (queso fresco, chorizo, avocado, pickled jalapenos) and the unusual-sounding Tuna Casserole (cheddar, tuna salad, macaroni pasta). They also have melts of the moment – yesterday it was the Pizza Melt (pepperoni, mozzarella on Italian herb bread), but from stalking them on Twitter I’ve seen mention of nutella-banana and other delicious-sounding concoctions.

It’s definitely not your normal brunch spot, but it’s a tasty first meal of the day on a springtime early afternoon stroll. They also offer tomato soup and homemade pudding cups (vanilla-banana, salted caramel) in addition to chips, water and specialty sodas. Highly recommend waiting in line (and there will be a line) to support this local venture.

The Grilled Cheeserie, Nashville food truck

Location: Stalk them on Twitter @grlldcheeserie