Why Brunch?

brunch - stuff white people likeWhen my friend was living in Japan, we kept the postal service employed by sending each other actual letters, including photos, magazine articles and run-on-sentence-filled stationery. My single favorite piece of paper from this period is hanging on my fridge – the Brunch page torn out of the Stuff White People Like book:

When Loverboy sang “Everybody’s working for the weekend,” they meant that you work all week so that you can earn a break and go to some sweet bars or concerts and rock out as possible because you have two days for the hangover to fix itself. Well, white people work for the weekend, except that their only goal is to eat brunch on Saturday or Sunday at one of their favorite breakfast places. If you arrive at any time after 9:30, prepare to wait for up to an hour with white people who cannot wait to get vegan pancakes, egg benedict, waffles or deluxe French toast.

If you plan on dealing with white people, it will serve you well to know some local brunch places.

Brunch is my favorite meal of the week and my favorite portmanteau. A perfect blend of breakfast and lunch – and an excuse to be indulgent. My social circle lives for brunch. We’re spread out around the world country, but when we all end up in the same city, usually Nashville, a get-together is always planned at our favorite restaurants (many of which we would never consider frequenting for dinner) or a brunch potluck at someone’s house. I’m using this blog as an excuse to share some of my own brunch experiments in the kitchen, as well as to explore the Nashville-area brunch scene, one mimosa at a time. Cheers!

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